Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Indie Press Offers Online Community for Women Writers

There are too many presses out there that take writers' money and give nothing valuable in return. After reading about what She Writes Press has to offer its writers, I have to say that they are vastly different.

She Writes Press was founded by two women authors Kamy Wicoff and Brooke Warner in 2012 after finding success with their online community for women authors, She Writes, which they had established in 2009.  Currently, She Writes has a membership of about 23,000 and She Writes Press has 52 signed authors and 23 books in print, according to Wicoff.

She Writes in an online community that can be joined for free and allows its members some valuable services such as story critiques, networking, online webinars and access to literary agents. A member can easily just use their Facebook account to join if they want. Once membership has been granted the new member is given a blog where they can share anything writing related  in the form of text, photos or video.

The site's tools allows its members to be creative in how they want to share their story samples, book readings or book promotions.

Membership also gives access to She Writes Press. So members are then allowed to submit their works for consideration. If they choose to use their editorial services there are fees, but the rates are reasonable. They range from $45 to $60 per hour. Some of the services are traditional such as copy editing and proofreading. But their are two services that really caught my eye. They offer a one on one workshop with a professional editor and an assessment of your manuscript if you just can't figure out why you can't sell it.

The way they market their editorial services lets the writer know that they are not obligated to using only them. For instance, you can use their assessment to polish your manuscript and then send it out to any literary agency.

Their publishing service is $3,900 and offers some great services such as an extensive marketing plan. I know, I know that is quite a bit of cash for most of us. Just take a look at what they offer in return on the page I had sent you to and then ask yourself if you feel it is worth the price. If not, then move on. The most refreshing thing is that they don't push this service on their members.

They allow their members to choose what they want. If a member chooses a service that has a price tag, they are getting plenty back in return unlike some other indie presses and online communities I have seen.

I think I am going to change my name from Andre to Andrea and give their online community a shot. Now, what am I to do about my profile picture?

You can check out She Writes Press services page here.

She Writes gives some great instructions on how to successfully use their online community under 'create your profile'.

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