Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kill Your Boredom With A Book Or A Gun...

And that book is mine. Of course! Come on, what did you expect me to say?

The best thing is that I made this bad boy FREE from Sept. 17th to Sept 19th on Amazon!

No, he is not a good guy

The book is a comedy fantasy or comtasy. What? Anyway, the synopsis is below:

As a ghost, Marcus had to make a decision: Either go into the light and face the possibility of burning in Hell or to let a young wizard use him in order to become the first to bring back a human from the dead.

He chose the latter. Of course! Who wants to go to Hell?

He figured since it was such an easy decision that his new life was going to be just as easy. He couldn't have been more wrong. He didn't know the young wizard was doing his spell in phases. If he had known phase one was going to be placing him in a toy poodle he would have at least... no, he would have done it.

After all, who wants to go to Hell?

Now, being a dog and having to use his tongue to scratch his private parts aren’t his only problems. The one problem that makes his top ten is an envious witch who is hell bent on destroying the young wizard's work... which is him!

What is a man trapped in a toy poodle supposed to do? While we are asking questions. Doesn't that make him the first zombie toy poodle?

This is a black comedy that is darker than death.  
If you want the longer link there it is below:

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